Monday, July 2, 2012

Shannen McGuire is leading qualifier in East Girls' Championship

Shannen McGuire, Canmore, was leading qualifier in this year's East of Scotland Championship which began today at Murrayfield Golf Club. Shannen won the new Trophy which was presented by the Stephen Gallacher Foundation, beating Clara Young (North Berwick) on the better inward half.
Championship Qualifiers:

  1. Shannen McGuire (Canmore) 79 (bih)
  2. Clara Young (North Berwick) 79
  3. Fiona Liddell (Glenbervie) 82
  4. Lauren Whyte (St Regulus) 84
  5. Jennifer Allan (Glenbervie) 86
  6. Megan Brown (Dunfermline) 88 (bih)
  7. Hannah Scott (Broomieknowe) 88
  8. Catherine Goodwin (Glenbervie) 90
Matchplay begins Tuesday 3rd July, also at Murrayfield Golf Club

Shannen McGuire v Catherine Goodwin
Jennifer Allan v Lauren Whyte
Fiona Liddell v Megan Brown
Hannah Scott v Clara Young

Our thanks to the Stephen Gallachen Foundation who have sponsored this year's Summer Meeting and Championship.

Leading Qualifier, Shannen McGuire, with the Trophy which was presented by the Stephen Gallacher Foundation.