Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Summer Meeting and Championship

This year’s Summer Meeting and Championship will be played at Prestonfield Golf Club on Monday 4th July and Tuesday 5th July. We are hoping for a large entry so please enter as soon as you can. Click Fixtures on the left hand side of this page to enter.

Players with best 8 gross scores in the Summer Meeting will qualify for the Championship Matchplay. The Quarter Finals will be played on Monday 4th July (afternoon) and the Semi Finals and Final will be played on Tuesday 5th July.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at Prestonfield.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Photos from East Girls v West Girls match

East Team

Left to right: Eilidh Henderson, Charlene Wilson, Anna McKay, Morgan Graham, Catherine Milne, Amy Foster, Lauren Lee and Emma Morrison

East Girls and West Girls before the match

East Girls, Anna McKay and Eilidh Henderson, present the Trophy to Katie Scott, West Girls
(Great speeches girls - thank you all)

Winning West Girls Team

Sunday, May 15, 2016

West Girls win Mhairi Mackay Trophy at Kingsknowe

Congratulations to the West Girls who won this year's match against the East Girls by 5 matches to 3 at Kingsknowe Golf Club to win the Mhairi Mackay Trophy for the first time since 2013. All the games were closely contested and played in the best of spirits with all the girls enjoying their annual get together. Conditions were ideal for golf, sunny with a light breeze, and spectators were treated to a high standard of golf. Well played, girls.

Well done to the West Girls on their great win this year and our thanks to the East Girls' team who played well but just lost out this time.

Our thanks to Kingsknowe Golf Club for courtesy of the course, which was in excellent condition, and for the warm welcome and excellent catering after the match. Many thanks to Louise Fraser, Club Captain of Kingsknowe G C who welcomed  everyone and started all the girls off the first tee. We appreciate your support of our match.

Result: East Girls 3 West Girls 5

Full results, East names first:

Lauren Lee lost to Jillian Farrell 2 & 1
Emma Morrison lost to Jennifer Rankine  2 holes
Anna McKay beat Katie Scott 1 hole
Eilidh Henderson beat Fiona Rattray 1 hole
Catherine Milne lost to Rachel Foster 6 & 5
Morgan Graham lost to Kirsty Stewart 1 hole
Charlene Wilson lost to Justine Fulton 6 & 5
Amy Foster beat Alison MacNab 1 hole

Apologies for the delay - photos to follow

Sunday, April 3, 2016

9 year old, Grace Crawford, wins Overall Prize at Spring Meeting

New member Grace Crawford (Gullane Ladies) won the overall prize, with an excellent net 69, at the Spring Meeting at Bonnybridge today. Emma Morrison (Craigmillar Park) won the Scratch Prize with a gross score of 81.

Prizewinners at the Spring Meeting:

Overall Prize: Grace Crawford (Gullane Ladies) 86 -17 = 69
Scratch : Emma Morrison (Craigmillar Park)    81

Under 14: Lucy Morrison (Craigmillar Park) 96 - 26 = 70 (BIH)
Under 16: Jessica Walker (Mortonhall)    99 - 25 = 74
Under 18: Emily Rigg (Craigmillar Park)  90 - 16 = 74 (BIH)

Par 72, SSS 73, CSS 72

Full results:
Grace Crawford (Gullane Ladies)    86 -17 =  69
Lucy Morrison (Craigmillar Park)   96 - 26 = 70
Morgan Graham (Falkirk)               86 - 16 =  70
Ellie Ferguson (Swanston New)    103 - 33 =  70
Jessica Walker (Mortonhall)            99 - 25 =  74
Emily Rigg (Craigmillar Park)        90 - 16 =  74
Megan Linton (Craigmillar Park)    86 - 12 =  74
Lisa Macpherson (Baberton)         102 - 28 =  75
Emma Morrison (Craigmillar Park) 81 - 6  =  75
Lauren Reid (Greenburn)                 94 - 19 = 75
Natalie Fowler (Bathgate)              102 - 26 = 76
Katie Liddle (Glenbervie)                95 - 18 = 77
Samantha Macgregor (Broomieknowe)  95 - 16 = 79
Eilidh Crawford (Kingsfield)            86 -  6  = 80
Carys Irvine (Craigielaw)                 94 - 12 = 82

L to R: Emily Rigg, Jessica Walker, Grace Crawford, Lucy Morrison, Emma Morrison

Our sincere thanks to Bonnybridge Golf Club for courtesy of the course and for a warm welcome in the Clubhouse. Thank you to Stirling & Clackmannan for arranging the venue and to Lindsey Sabin, committee member, who came along to help on the day.

Well done to everyone who played at Bonnybridge - the scores were all very close, an excellent start to the season! It was great to see so many playing and lovely to welcome some new members.

Many thanks to all parents, grandparents and friends who brought the girls and supported them on the day.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

East of Scotland Girls' Spring Meeting

East of Scotland Girls' Spring Meeting 2016
Bonnybridge Golf Club, Sunday 3rd April


Emma Morrison (Craigmillar Park)
Eilidh Crawford (Kingsfield)

Megan Linton (Craigmillar Park)
Carys Irvine (Craigielaw)

Rebecca Watkins (Falkirk Tryst)
Samantha Macgregor (Broomieknowe)
Morgan Graham (Falkirk)

Emily Rigg (Craigmillar Park)
Katie Liddle (Glenbervie)
Grace Crawford (Gullane Ladies)

Lauren Reid (Greenburn)
Jessica Walker (Mortonhall)
Lucy Morrison (Craigmillar Park)

Lisa Macpherson (Baberton)
Natalie Fowler (Bathgate)
Ellie Ferguson (Swanston New)

Would all girls please be ready on the 1st Tee 10 minutes before their tee off time.
Normal dress rules apply on the golf course and in the clubhouse.

For late call offs please contact Maggie on 07841 646472 or Mandy on 07913 225177.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

East of Scotland Girls' Spring Meeting

Just a reminder that the East of Scotland Girls' Spring Meeting will be played at Bonnybridge Golf Club on Sunday 3rd April, first tee-off 12.30pm. There is still time to enter - the draw will be made in the middle of next week. Click to enter:  http://www.eastgirls.org/search/label/Fixtures

This is a chance to get the season off to a good start and to gain points for the East Girls' Order of Merit and for the Stephen Gallacher Order of Merits. We hope to see you there.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

East of Scotland Girls' Fixtures 2016

Fixtures for 2016 have been arranged as below. Please put these dates in your diary. A fixture card will be sent in due course. 

You can enter the competitions online by clicking Fixtures on the left of this page. We look forward to seeing you at all the competitions this year.

East of Scotland Girls 2016

Spring Meeting                              Sunday 3rd April                                                     Bonnybridge G C, S&C

Summer Meeting                           Monday 4th July                                                     Prestonfield G C, Midlothian
Championship                               Monday 4th July (pm), Tuesday 5th July                Prestonfield G C, Midlothian
Autumn Meeting                            Saturday 27th August                                             Dunnikier Park G C, Fife

East Girls v West Girls                Sunday 15th May                                                     Kingsknowe G C.

East of Scotland Girls' Membership 2016

Hi Girls

We hope you have had a good winter and are now looking forward to the golfing season.

Thank you to all girls who have sent in East Girls' membership forms for this year. We are pleased we have already had some new members joining for the first time. If you have not received a membership form from your County Junior Secretary, a form is available on this website. Please click Membership Form on the left of this page.

We look forward to seeing you all at our competitions this year. Last year we were delighted with the numbers who played and it was great to see handicaps being cut throughout the year. Well done, everyone!

We wish everyone successful and enjoyable golf in 2016.

Best wishes

Maggie & Mandy

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Jennifer Allan wins East Girls' Order of Merit 2015

Congratulations to Jennifer Allan, Glenbervie and Stirling & Clackmannan on winning the 2015 East of Scotland Girls' Order of Merit. Emma Morrison, Craigmillar Park & Midlothian, was runner-up with Brogan Clark, Lochgelly, and Eilidh Henderson, Kirkcaldy taking third and fourth places.

1. Jennifer Allan        62 points
2. Emma Morrison     38 points
3. Brogan Clark         30 points        
4. Eilidh Henderson   26 points

Congratulations to all the prizewinners and well done to all the girls who played in the competitions and gained points.

Full results:

East of Scotland Girls' Order of Merit 2015

Spring  Summer Autumn Championship Junior County TOTAL
Jennifer Allan 13 7 15 20 7 62
Emma Morrison 11 3 9 15 38
Brogan Clark 15 2 10 3 30
Eilidh Henderson 10 10 6 26
Andrea Walker 15 10 25
Eilidh Crawford 4 10 2 5 21
Katie Darling 8 5 2 5 20
Catherine Milne 8 2 5 15
Annabel Hosie 13 13
Joanne Free 13 13
Carys Irvine 11 11
Evanna Hynd 10 10
Charlotte Munro 10 10
Megan Linton 4 5 9
Lauren Lee 7 7
Emily Rigg 1 5 6
Porsha Wilson 6 6
Catherine Goodwin 4 4
Morgan Graham 4 4
Abby Nisbet 2 2
Alexandra Massey 2 2
Caitlin Turner 1 1

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Andrea Walker wins Finals Day at Dunbar

Congratulations to Andrea Walker (Glenbervie) who won the Scratch Prize with a score of 75 at the Stephen Gallacher Finals Day on Sunday 6th September at Dunbar. Andrea won on the better inward half and is the first girl to win the Finals Day competition.

Congratulations also to Megan Linton (Craigmillar Park) who won both Stephen Gallacher Under 18 Girls' Order of Merits (Scratch and Handicap) this year.

Race to Dunbar Scratch Results
1. Andrea Walker (Glenbervie) 75 (BIH)
2. Mark Napier (Turnhouse) 
    and Kieran Cantley (Liberton)  75
4. Joanne Free (Gullane)
    and Joe Bryce (Bathgate) Score 76

Race to Dunbar Handicap Results
1. Malachy Hayward (Swanston New) Score 80-10= 70
2. Catherine Milne (North Berwick) Score 82-11= 71
    and Samantha MacGregor (Broomieknowe)  88-17= 71
4. Cameron Adam (Royal Burgess) Score 83-11= 72
    and Valdemar Hundeboll (Gullane) Score 84-12= 72

Well done to all our East of Scotland girls who won prizes in the Finals Day competition and in the Order of Merits. It's great to see to many girls playing in these events.

Andrea Walker - winner of Finals Day

Megan Linton
Winner - Under 18 Girls Order of Merits, Scratch and Handicap