Monday, December 11, 2023

Erin Huskie wins East Girls Order of Merit 2023

Congratulations to Erin Huskie, Stirling, who has won the East of Scotland Girls’ Order of Merit with a total of 45 points Erin was Runner Up in the East Girls’ Championship, was Stirling & Clackmannan County Junior Champion and also gained points in our Spring, Summer and Autumn Meetings. 

Runner-up was Lara Douglas, Glenbervie, with 39 points. Lara won points in the Spring, Summer and Autumn Meetings, the East Girls’ Championship and was Runner Up in the Stirling & Clackmannan County Championship.

Abigail May, St Regulus, was a close third with 38 points. Abigail won maximum points in the Summer Meeting and also won points in the Championship and the Autumn Meeting.

Lucy Fraser, Murrayfield, was in fourth place with 36 points. Lucy was East of Scotland Girls Champion and also gained points in the Summer Meeting and for being Runner Up in the Midlothian Junior Championship.

Congratulations to all the the prize winners and well done to all the girls who played in our events and gained points.

Order of Merit
Winner 2023
Erin Huskie 

1. Erin Huskie, Stirling, 45 points

2. Lara Douglas, Glenbervie, 39 points

3. Abigail May, St Regulus, 38 points

4. Lucy Fraser,  Murrayfield,  36 points

Full results

SpringSummer Autumn Championship County ChampTOTAL 
Erin Huskie 299151045
Lara Douglas 111155739
Abigail May15131038
Lucy Fraser920736
Megan Fallon1551030
Carly McDonald 6951030
Ellie Bent6131029
Ava Paterson 11516
Eva Woodward55515
Katie Mackenzie35513
Louise Martin 21113
Sophia Honeyman77
Katie Jarvie 11530
Georgia Foster55
Rita Murphy55
Eilidh Kilpatrick55
Allanah Nichol33
Olivia Thomson12
Anna Zonova112
Erin MacAlpine11

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Stirling & Clackmannan Girls win Cuthbertson Cup

Many congratulations to the Stirling & Clackmannan team who won the Cuthbertson Cup at Turnhouse GC on Sunday. The team of Lara Douglas, Ava Paterson, Eva Woodward and Erin MacAlpine beat Midlothian girls in the morning singles. They then played Fife in the Final and won that match 3 games to 1. Very well done - a great achievement.

Winner 2023 - Stirling & Clackmannan 
Erin MacAlpine, Lara Douglas , Eva Woodward  
& Ava Paterson 
Runner up - Fife
Katie Jarvie, Carly McDonald, Maisie Band &
Sophia Honeyman

Monday, September 25, 2023

Scottish Junior Team Tournament

The Scottish Junior Team Tournament took place at Elderslie Golf Club on Sunday 24th September. Well done to all the competitors who battled windy and rainy conditions and returned creditable scores

On the tee….



Monday, September 18, 2023

East of Scotland Girls Autumn Meeting at Braehead

Congratulations to new member, Jessica Parsler, who won the Overall Prize in the East of Scotland Girls Autumn Meeting with a score of 96 less 27, nett 69. Congratulations also to Lara Douglas (Glenbervie) who won the Scratch Prize with a gross 79.

Prize winners

Overall Prize: Jessica Parsler (Braehead) 96  - 27 = 69

Scratch Prize: Lara Douglas (Glenbervie)  79

Under 16: Katie Jarvie (Dunnikier Park) 87 - 10 = 77

Under 14: Maisie Witt (Bathgate) 89 - 11 = 78

Overall Winner - Jessica Parsler

Scratch Winner - Lara Douglas 

 Full results

Jessica Parsler 96-17=69

Lara Douglas 79-4=75

Katie Jarvie 87-10=77

Louise Martin 82-4=78

Georgia Foster 90-12=78

Maisie Witt 89-11=78

Abigail May 80-1=79

Anna Zonova 88-9=79

Reene Caroll 91-2=79

Xiayao Xie 91-12=79

Eilidh Kilpatrick 97-17=80

Katie Mackenzie 87-6-81

Erin MacAlpine 82-9=83

Erin Huskie 86-1=85

Maisie Band 101-16=85

Megan Fallon 87-1=86

Rita Murphy 95-9=86

Carly McDonald 89-3=86

Ava Paterson 94-5=89

Olivia Thompson 113-17=96

Callie McLuckie 125-27=98

We were hoping to have a pleasant afternoon for our last competition of the season. Unfortunately just as the first girls we’re teeing off, the rain started and steadily go worse throughout out the afternoon. Well done to the girls who all completed the course in dffficult playing conditions. 

Thank you to Braehead G C for courtesy of the course. Thank you to Jennie Allan for arranging for us to play at Braehead and for starting the girls at the first tee.

A huge thank you to all the the parents who have brought the girls to the competitions. It has been lovely to see so many girls attending our events. Thank you everyone- you golf has been amazing! ⛳️🏌️‍♀️😃

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

East Girls Autumn Meeting at Braehead - Draw

 Autumn Meeting 

Braehead Golf Club

Sunday 17th September 2023


Megan Fallon

Erin Huskie 

Abigail May


Lara Douglas

Louise Martin

Ava Paterson


Katie Mackenzie

Anna Zonova

Erin MacAlpine


Katie Jarvie 

Rita Murphy 

Maisie Witt 


Georgia Foster

Reene Carroll

Xinyao Summer Xie


Maisie Band 

Eilidh Kilpatrick 

Olivia Thompson 


Jessica Parsler

Callie McLuckie


Please check in the Lounge in the Clubhouse. 

For call-offs please phone Maggie on 07841 646 472

For call-offs on the day of the competition, please phone Braehead Pro Shop on 01259 725766.

Monday, September 4, 2023

Reminder - East of Scotland Girls Autumn Meeting

Just a reminder that the East of Scotland Girls Autumn Meeting will be held at Braehead Golf Club, near Alloa, on Sunday 17th September. 

To enter the Autumn Meeting please Click here

Hope to see you there. ⛳️🏌️‍♀️

Saturday, August 12, 2023

Scottish Girls’ U16/U14 Open Championship

Good luck to all the East of Scotland Girls who are playing in the Scottish Girls U16/U14 Open Championship at Cardross. Hope you all play well ⛳️🏌️‍♀️🍀

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

East Girls Autumn Meeting - Entries

The East of Scotland Girls Autumn Meeting will be held at Braehead Golf Club, near Alloa, on Sunday 17th September. 

To enter the Autumn Meeting please Click here

Hope to see you there. ⛳️🏌️‍♀️

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Evie and Ellie are Scottish Girls’ Matchplay and Net Matchplay Champions

Many congratulations to Evie McCallum who won the Scottish Girls’ Matchplay Championship today at Cardrona. Evie beat Sheridan Clancy by 2 & 1 in the Final. 

Well done, Evie - a fantastic result. It is great to have an East Girls’ winner for the second year running.

Evie McCallum
Winner of Scottish Girls’
Matchplay Championship 

Many congratulations to Ellie Bent who won the Scottish Net Matchplay Championship which  was also played at Cardrona. Ellie beat Lara Douglas by two holes. Well played girls  - it was great to see two East of Scotland Girls in the Final.

Well done to all the East of Scotland Girls who played in the Matchplay Championships - keep playing great golf ⛳️🏌️‍♀️!

Ellie Bent
Winner of Scottish Girls 
Net Matchplay Championship 

Lara Douglas 
Net Matchplay Championship 

Scottish Girls’ Amateur Championship


The final of the Scottish Girls’ Championship will be between Evie McCallum and Sheridan Clancy.

The final of the Scottish Girls’ Net Championship will be between Lara Douglas and Ellie Bent. 

Play well, girls ⛳️🏌️‍♀️

Friday, July 21, 2023

Scottish Girls Amateur Championship

Today’s results from the Scottish Girls Matchplay are on the Scottish Golf website.


Congratulations to Evie McCallum who was the leading qualifier for the Matchplay of the Scottish Girls Championship at Cardrona. Congratulations also to the other East Girls , Erin Huskie, Abigail May and Ava Paterson who also qualified. 


Evie McCallum v Ava Paterson 

Grace Crawford v Erin Huskie

Sofia McKie v Melissa Keay

Rosie Maguire v Abigail May

Freya Russell v Louise Hamilton 

Ruby Watt v Jess Pilgrim 

Sheridan Clancy v Sophie Sharp

Summer Elliot v Jodie Graham 

Net Matchplay

Congratulations also to Eva Woodward, Lucy Fraser, Ellie Bent and Lara Douglas who have qualified for the Net Matchplay.

Millie Lauchan plays Lara Douglas 

Lucie Barclay plays Ellie Bent

Eva Woodward plays Lucy Fraser

Good Luck to all the East of Scotland Girls who are playing in the Scottish Girls at Cardrona. Hope you all play well! 🍀🏌️‍♀️⛳️

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Order of Merit

 East of Scotland Girls’ Order of Merit 

Ellie Bent and Lucy Fraser are joint leaders with 29 points after the Summer Meeting and Championship. Erin Huskie and Abigail May are in third and fourth position with 26 and 25 points respectively.

Further points will be added after the Autumn Meeting and for the County Championships.

Play well for the rest of the season and enjoy!⛳️🏌️‍♀️

SpringSummer Autumn Championship County ChampTOTAL 
Ellie Bent6131029
Lucy Fraser92029
Erin Huskie 291526
Abigail May151025
Carly McDonald 69520
Lara Douglas 111517
Megan Fallon1515
Katie Jarvie 1111
Ava Paterson 1111
Eva Woodward5510
Katie Mackenzie358
Louise Martin 22
Erin MacAlpine11
Olivia Thomson11
Anna Zonova11

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Lucy Fraser is East of Scotland Girls’ Champion

The Final 

Lucy and Erin ready to play

Lucy Fraser beat Huskie by 6&5 in the final of the East of Scotland Girls’ Championship at Royal Musselburgh. Congratulations to Lucy on becoming East Girls Champion for the second time. Well done to both girls who played excellent golf over the two days and contested the final in the best of spirits.


Erin Huskie lost to Lucy Fraser 6&5

Lucy Fraser
East of Scotland Girls Champion

Erin Huskie 
Runner Up

Lucy & Erin

Thank you to Royal Musselburgh for courtesy of the course for our Summer Meeting and Championship. Many thanks to Shona Paton, Junior Secretary of East Lothian Ladies County, for arranging the venue for this year’s competition and for her help and support over the two days. Thank you to Lesley Wood, Vice Captain of East Lothian LGA for refereeing the final between Lucy and Erin. Many thanks also to Sharon MacPherson and Mandy Easton for their help with the scores and for starting the girls off the first tee.

It was a most enjoyable time at Royal Musselburgh, we appreciate the warm welcome and help from the Club Manager, Professional and Bar Staff. Many thanks to all.

Many thanks to all the girls who played. There were excellent scores in the Summer Meeting and closely contested matches in the Championship - it is lovely to see so much talent from the four counties of the East Division.Well done girls! Thanks to the parents who bring the girls to our events. We appreciate your interest and support.

East of Scotland Girls Championship

The matchplay stages of the East Girls continued at Royal Musselburgh with the semifinals being played on the morning of Wednesday 12th July.

Results Semi-Finals 

Abigail May (St Regulus) lost to Erin Huskie (Stirling) 1hole 

Lucy Fraser (Murrayfield) beat Ellie Bent (Gullane) 3&2

Erin & Abigail 

Lucy & Ellie

Semi finalist- Abigail May

Semi finalist- Ellie Bent

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Abigail May wins Stephen Gallacher Trophy at the Summer Meeting

Abigail May (St Regulus) was the leading qualifier for the matchplay stages of the East of Scotland Championship. Abigail has a gross 73 and wins the Stephen Gallacher Trophy. 

Abigail May 
Leading Qualifier and
Winner of Stephen Gallacher Trophy 

Olivia Thompson (Dunnikier Park) won the Overall Prize with a fantastic nett 59.

Olivia Thompson Overall Winner

Prizewinners from Summer Meeting

Scratch Prize: Abigail May  Scratch 73

Overall Nett Prize: Olivia Thompson 82 - 23 = 59

Under 18: Lucy Fraser 75 - 6 = 69 (BIH)

Under 16: Katie Mackenzie 79 - 10 = 69

Under 14: Carly McDonald 75 - 3 = 72 (BIH)

Lucy Fraser U18 Winner

           Carly McDonald U14 Winner

Katie Mackenzie U16 Winner


Olivia Thompson 82 - 23 = 59

Lucy Fraser 75 - 6 = 69

Katie Mackenzie 79 - 10 = 69

Eva Woodward 76 - 7 = 69

Ellie Bent 74 - 4 = 70

Carly Macdonald 75 - 3 = 72

Erin McAlpine 82 - 10 = 72

Abigail May 73 - 1 = 72

Anna Zonova 82 - 10 = 72

Erin Huskie 75 - 2 = 73

Alannah Nichol 94 - 21 = 73

Xinyao Xie 89 - 15 = 75

Lara Douglas 82 - 5 = 77

Louise Martin 83 - 6 = 77

Abbi Millar 103 - 25 = 78

Maisie Witt 90 - 11 = 79

Championship Matchplay

Quarter Finals
Abigail May beat Lara Douglas 5 & 4
Erin Huskie beat Carly Macdonald 2 & 1
Ellie Bent beat Katie Mackenzie 2 & 1
Lucy Fraser beat Eva Woodward 2 & 1