Sunday, October 5, 2008

As the end of the season approaches....

As the end of the season approaches I personally would like to firstly thank all the girls for supporting the ESGGA by playing in the competitions and for representing the East Girls in the matches against the West and the South Girls. It has been a great year and both Maggie and I look forward to seeing you all next year.

Secondly , a big thank you to all the parents for supporting the girls .

Here's just a wee story to emphasise what parents have to do , or go through to allow the girls to play the game of golf !!!

An ESGGA Mum who probably would like to remain unnamed took her children who are all golfers to their prizegiving. On their way home the family took a short cut across the golf course , in the dark . The Mum unfortunately found a bunker to fall into. The family had a chuckle to themselves and upon reaching home asked the question
' Mum , did you remember to rake the bunker ?'

So to all the Mums & Dads who make lots of scarifices for their children - A Very Big Thankyou !

Girls - Keep up the practice in the winter.

See you next year.